Andreea Peterfi, 29-10-1991, Bucuresti, RO


2012   Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2016   (Graphic Design)

2014   Sint Lucas Beldende Kunst, Gent, BE
           Exchange (Graphic Design)
2010   National University of Fine Art, Bucuresti, R0
2011   (Photography)

2007   Poupular University Ioan I. Dalles, Bucharest, RO
2008   (Technical Photography)


2017   Stichting Kaus Australis Rotterdam, NL

Group Exhibitions:

2017   La confusión de las lenguas
            [Deslave , Tijuana, MX]

2017   Night Shifts Day Dreams
            [Kaus Australis , Rotterdam, NL]
            Open studio. Work title Under Construction.

2016   Graduation Show
            [Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL]

            [Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL]

2014   Have you seen the curator?
            [Kunstenaarsinitiatief Beyonce, Amsterdam, NL]
            Group exhibition. Black and white posters

2014   Voice Creature Of Transition
            [Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL]
            Group Exhibition. Posters and audio recordings.

2012   After World
            [Atelier for Production, Bucharest, RO]
            Group exhibition. Five black and white videos
            from China. Video Instalation.

2012   Prelude At Dr. Gancevici
            [The Laboratory of Immunology, Bucharest, RO]
            Group exhibition. Site specific instalation.
            Inventory book of found objects.

2011   The Perpetual Conflict
            [Robescu House, Bucharest, RO]
            Group exhibition. Fifty black and white
            photographs. Instalation.

2010   Reframing The Fragments
            [Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest, RO]
            Group exhibition. Color video. Video Installation.

2008   Untitled
            [Pupular University Ioan I. Dalles, Bucharest, RO]
            Group exhibition. Photography presentation.

Publications and Identity:

2016   General Brochure of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie
2017   (Edition of: 3000)
            [Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   The Machine
            (Posterrs, flyers, space graphic, identity)
            [Alina Lupu, PEER paper platform, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   Distance
            (Graphic design editing of the PEER publicaion insert)
            [Marta Colpani, PEER paper platform, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   Visit Conditions
            (Identity - Business Card)
            [Alina Lupu, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   , you asshole
            (Edition of: 200)
            [Alina Lupu, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   The MADLAB Manifesto
            (Edition of: 20)
            [Sasha Herman, Amsterdam, NL]
2016   Entangled Realities
            (Edition of: 25)
            [Anja Cecilie Petersen, Amsterdam, NL]

2016   (website + Newsletter + Poster + Flyers)
            [CLOUDSTRATA, Amsterdam, NL]

2015   Graduation Publication for Ceramics Department
            (Edition of: 1000 + Newsletter + Poster)
            [Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL]

2014   Monkey
            (Edition of: 30)
            [Stijn Pommme, Amsterdam, NL]

Public space intervention:

2017   260,368
            (Postcards, image editing, online publishing)
            [Alina Lupu and Stijn Pommé]

2014   Poster Piece
            25 posters, A2 size, plain text
            [Amsterdam and Zandvoort aan Zee, NL]

Public Speaking:

2018   Conversa #113
            [Studio Seine, Rotterdam, NL]

2017   Garage Cafe #5
            [Garage Rotterdam Gallery, Rotterdam, NL]

Selected Publications:

2017   Encountering Rotterdam
             [Realmag, Rotterdam, NL]

2016   Graduation Thesis
             [Henk Groenendijk, Amsterdam, NL]

2014   The Dissidents’ Travel Guide by Tudor Bratu
             (700 copies – co-editing, and photography input)
             [Tudor Bratu, Amsterdam, NL]

Comisioned works:
2018   Concrete PIN
             [Gift for speakers at Garage Cafe, Rotterdam, NL]


2017  Dear Dead Darlings book,
           [Anton Hoeksema, Rotterdam, NL]

2014  2 framed photographs from China 50/50
           [Ministery of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, NL]